A Few Good Pointers To Make Your Home More Valuable To Potential Buyers

 People eat with their eyes first, before they eat with their mouth. Ever heard of that saying? Well, similarly, Buyers have their first reactions with their eyes, before they look any further in a home. What do you look for when you are Buying? A structurally sound home, modern amenities?  This normally means that Sellers need to make a few updates in their home in order to make it more appealing to potential Buyers; which could also mean - getting a higher value for their home! Here are a few pointers: 
Update The Kitchen
Yup, the kitchen - it comes first. Remodel your kitchen by tweaking up a few things. Buyers can sometimes just knock off thousands of dollars if your kitchen looks outdated or if it is in bad condition. What can you do in this case? Well, why not change the backsplash and replace the faucet(s)? You'll see an instant change through this; or paint and change up the cabinetry?! Remember,  - always try to keep paint/items to neutral colours to avoid any strong or disagreeing colours for potential Buyers. Help them feel like it's their home now. 
Declutter Your Home
The first impression, is the only impression. Have you ever entered a home full of personalized items, dog/cat fur everywhere, overly decored home? I'm sure we don't even need to discuss this one in detail. Declutter the mess from your home. The more open, tidy and clean you keep it, the more instant attraction you will receive from your Buyers. This pretty much means to depersonalize your home. Help Buyers to create that homely feeling for themselves, not for you. Put the collections and photo frames away and allow the Buyers to feel a neutralized, cozy potential home for them. Stage your home to the best of it's ability. If you need help, perhaps consider hiring a stager. Even just keeping the home clean, organized, and depersonalized will give it that instant feel and attraction. 
Can We Turn Up The Lights?!
After knowing a home is in a good location, lighting is normally another big factor. Have you heard of Buyers many a times asking; 'What side is this home facing - Is this home facing South?' Well, regardless of what side your home is facing; ensure it is getting an abundance of natural, and yes, artificial light. Weather that means you need to snip, snap and shape some bushes to allow that natural sunlight to enter into your home; or, clean the windows, make sure the drapes are clean and increase that wattage on the lightbulbs! This will help your home feel more cozy, homely, warm and cheerful - meaning a better buy.