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It is true that selling or buying your home is one of the biggest decision you will ever take. It is also a big financial decisions.

Picking single agent is important because you have one single contact person to deal with, someone who you can build trust with. Communication is easy as its only 1 person handling everything. Easier to get updates with what is going on with transaction. 

Other reason would be you have only one person to hold accountable rather than in team where everyone would just pass the buck on to each other. 

I have seen most of my long term clients are with me because they deal directly with me. Trust built over the years can lead good results in years and years.


The Team Setup

At the beginning, hiring a team seems like a good bargain as you pay same amount of commission because you have many members of team working for you performing different tasks. It is understandable you have more people working for you, but that also means they are working with many other listings at same time and your home might not be a priority for you. Every team member specializes in different fields whereas working with one agent, he or she is expert in every field. 

If you plan to hire team, first question to ask would be, why are they working together. Are they together because they want to share resources and expertese together or they are 2 or 3 agents working together because real estate is not their full time business.




There is always benefit and upper edge if you want to build long term relationship and turst when you work with single agent.


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Vijay Virk

Realtor for over 15 years and awarded every year by my local real estate board Fraser Valley Board