Hot Deals For Buyers Out There!

What I am seeing out there is that buyers should not wait any more for prices to drop any further. This is perfect time to buy. Some listings in South Surrey and White Rock area have come down by almost 1 million dollars. There  are some good deals to grab out there and must take advantage of this good times to buy.

Even in Surrey, Newton, Sullivan Heights area have seen drastic drop in prices in townhouses, apartments and especially single family detached homes.

Banks are predicting lowering interest rates in near future and that might mean consumers will be getting qualified more easier and that might push house prices upwards.

As per my prediction, this might be the lowest that we see in prices.

Even news media have also announced last week that Vancouver real estate sales have dropped to 30 years low. Nothing stays on top and nothing stays at bottom, I feel we may have hit the rock bottom.

Any buyers looking to buy should look actively with their Realtors or if someone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 6045189000


Vijay Virk