Is This Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

Throughout my career, the biggest question I have been asked is, if this is good time to buy or sell....

Since, we saw slowdown in Real Estate for almost 2 years now, I feel this is the best time to buy. There seems to be some activity in Fraser Valley and Vancouver markets.

Seems like we may have hit the rock bottom. This is best time to buy especially for buyers who have been waiting for prices to keep dropping. The only way to tell prices had hit rock bottom is when they start to climb upwards.

Stats in our boards are showing slight increase in sales month over month since summer of 2019. I have noticed few mentions of multiple offers on social networks and Realtors blogs.

Up till December 2018, we were noticing good deals of single family homes in City of Surrey hovering around $850,000 and now doing searches, it's hard to find a good decent home for under $950,000. These are signs that show that prices may have levelled off and might be getting any lower.

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