Land Assembly

I'm sure you all see a lot more For Sale Signs in rows on busy streets stating land assembly.

This seems to be new trend in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

Reason might be soaring real estate prices and affordable  housing. Usually land assembled properties tend to be converted to townhouses or apartments(condominiums).

I used to see this kind of activity in Vancouver but lately this seems to be trend even in Surrey, Langley and White Rock.

A lot of builders who used to build single family detached homes are converting themselves into multi family Construction. Single family lots seem to have dropped down in price and any large land or land assembly good for rezoning into multifamily seems to be getting more appreciated in value.

I myself have land assembly listed at 14037 14047 14057 - 103A Ave. Total land is around 26000 square feet and it's good for 4 to 6 story apartment building.

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