Thinking of selling your home - Get it ready first

Declutter you home, It Helps

When you have called somewhere your home for a while, it can be really hard emotionally to move out, whether you feel ready for the move or not.

Sorting through your stuff ahead of time will help you to see that all your things will move with you, and to focus on that rather than the actual house.

When you start to see your home changing, because you are starting to pack away or throw away items, then it becomes less your home, and more a place you are staying ready for your next adventure.

Decluttering for selling may well mean that you need to pack away items that you don’t need until after the move, in order to make more space in the house.

If you have started the packing and sorting process ahead of time, then you will be in a really good position to finish packing when the time comes – and it will be so much less overwhelming.


Even Home Smell Helps

Every house smells like something. We all know that no matter how scent-free our homes seem to us, someone else can walk in and instantly pick up on last night’s sautéed fish or the garlic that went into Wednesday’s spaghetti. Maybe the recycling needs to go out, or litter box odor lingers no matter how often the pan is changed. There’s always something. Even the fragrance products you buy might strike a guest as stinky.

Those odors are all fine if they’re fine by you, but they are not smells that can help sell your home. For that, we’re looking for light, clean and neutral.

First off, neutralizing a home’s air does not mean spraying a product that claims to neutralize or freshen. Scented sprays mask odors and often create the unpleasant effect of, for example, cheap artificial gardenia perfume layered over old cooking grease. Neutral means clean, as in nearly without smell.


Empty Rooms?

When you sell a house, you aren’t selling a commodity. You are selling a HOME, a place where a family will LIVE, raise their kids, have a refuge from the outside world. Even if you’re selling a tiny condo, you’re selling to someone who will bring their hopes and dreams of how their lives can be to living there.

Walking through empty rooms, or an empty house, is usually pretty depressing. It looks lonely, it doesn’t shout “this is your home, you will love living here.” So why would a buyer feel especially motivated to make an offer?


Home Staging

Home staging is well-established as an effective tool for selling a house quickly and at maximum price, but many sellers overlook this option or dismiss it as ‘too expensive’, particularly those with smaller or less-expensive homes. There is a notion that staging your home to sell is only beneficial for larger, more luxurious homes. However, smaller homes are often those that may have the most to gain from professional staging, and even just a staging consultant can be beneficial to those who are preparing a smaller home for sale.

Whether the house you’re selling is vacant or occupied, staging your home to sell using a Certified Home Stager can help you optimize the first impression that a buyer has, and provide a look and feel that will appeal to the largest segment of buyers in your market. Many people rely on their Realtor to make recommendations for staging a home to sell, but while Realtors do indeed have experience from a buyer perspective, they may not have the decorating expertise or arsenal of furniture and decor that helps maximize the buyer experience.